AnTuTu fomous for its performance reviews on Android Phones, has declared a list of top 10 phones around the World in which Samsung’s Galaxy Note5 positioned to No.1 spot followed by the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, and S7.

Top10 popular posts in world

Top10 popular posts in world

With the S7 edge coming in at number six, Samsung occupied a total of five spots in the top 10 list. As for the remaining five, two were occupied by Meizu phones, while Xiaomi, LG, and LeEco occupied one spot each.

AnTuTu also released a list , which depicts country based popularity. in which India is one of them.

Top10 popular posts in US

Top10 popular posts in US Image source- GSMarena

India is basically the first landing point that Chinese brands launch and enlarge themselves overseas. The two companies which are MI and OnePlus pay great concern to the Indian market. MI chose to open the branch company in India directly while OnePlus have actively corporate with the Indian telecom operators, as a consequence,
the products launched by these two companies have attracting a lot of attention by the Indian. It should be mentioned that, the Indian domestic brands are actually also very strong, the manufacture Micromax was used to learn the custom-built ROM model from the Chinese manufactures to launch the newly brand smart phone brand
YU which is well welcomed in India. While cony estimates that Indian probably lacking the interest of mobile XPRT thus the submitted data from the Indian domestic mobile phone brand type is less.