Scorpene Submarine data leak- Who is To Blame- Congress or BJP?

It is indeed shocking and very dangerous considering, Sensitive documents detailing the technical and stealth capabilities of India’s Scoprene submarines designed by French shipbuilder DCNS have been leaked. Now our Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar seeks a report from the Navy chief. So it is a Clear indication indication that our present government might not have substantial things to share or they don’t know much. So now starts week long campaign of our politicos to throw darts on each other.

Then as per News reports, which now clearly states that these Leaks were from 2011 but somehow kept in Dark without then and now governments knowing.

So we common unsuspecting Indians are left in dark to ponder who is actually responsible but then when some enthusiastic congress social Hero come in open to slam Manohar Parrikar, it shows the intentional ignorance of Politicos in India.

What are the  information allegedly leaked on the Scorpene submarines being built in India?

• The stealth capabilities of the six new Indian Scorpene submarines

• The frequencies at which the subs gather intelligence

• The levels of noise the subs make at various speeds

• Diving depths, range and endurance

• Magnetic, electromagnetic and infra-red data

• Specifications of the submarine’s torpedo launch system and the combat system

• Speed and conditions needed for using the periscope

• Propeller’s noise specifications

• Radiated noise levels when the submarine surfaces



This is indeed fishy but extra efforts from congress leaders made me sceptical that it may be pre-efforts to dodge the Questions that they may face in coming future.



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