Image source- Times of India

I have always maintained, our politicians are not the best practitioner of Secularism, even if they claim so but we, common citizen of India are! Many of Hindus learn Urdu as a subject, many of Muslims learn Sanskrit as subject. We even have read each others holy book, This is the strength of Diversity in India and i say this is the tolerant India.

Fathimath Rahila of Puttur has secured the first place in the Ramayana Exam. The class 9 student from a Muslim family got 93% to be the Puttur taluk topper in the examination, conducted by the Bharatha Sanskriti Prathisthan in November 2015.

A student of Sarvodaya High School, Sulliapadavu, located on the Karnataka-Kerala border, she was keen on pursuing a course in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.”Her uncle supported her in this,” says her father, Ibrahim M, who works in a factory. Her mother is a homemaker. The couple wanted their daughter to top the state exam. Read More