When the world is abuzz with terror talks and Hardliner Religious establishments are influencing people, examples like these must be announced aloud. When such a story that involves a child that too Visually-challenged is told, it touches our heart.

Visually-challenged Seven-year-old Rida Zehra knows the Bahgwad Gita by heart, and can recite complex text without giving a second thought. More than this it is her views that amazes me, Mature words for class III girl

 “I like praying to God, whether it is by reading Gita or Quran. It doesn’t matter which God I pray, after all I will never be able to see him, even if he is there in front of me,” Don’t get disheartened, without vision you have seen enough compared to people with eyes, but killing in the Name of Religion.

Her father too “I just want my daughter to be educated and have a future despite the visual impairment. It doesn’t matter to me whether she reads the Gita or the Quran. In fact, it is a matter of pride that she knows about other religions too; this will make her wiser than others.” Haider earns a living by selling biryani in Delhi. Read More