Time for Hypocrite extremists for some gyan, in an Supreme example of Love for Animal and secularism, A cow shelter is being operated by the Muslim Educational and Welfare Society of Jodhpur. Over 200 cows, most of them old and sick, are taken care off here by a team of veterinarian doctors.

Rendering a strong message of peace and harmony since the last eight years, the goshala is run in complete anonymity. Mohammad Atique, general secretary of the society, says that taking care of cow is like take care of mothers and is a part of the shared culture of Hindustan.

“Many of our university students have volunteered to serve at the goshala. I am overwhelemed by the concern shown by our students for cows,”


A message to world, this is why India can sustain hundred of different religious communities living together, because of our respect to our culture of Peace and Harmony. For us India is way ahead our religious aspirations.

This example says a lot about secularism prevalent in Indian culture and mind you Common Indian need no lecture on it from Politicians. Stories like these must be told and shared among People who are forced to hold certain views against a Religion. Every religion has some hardliners, Fascist elements who use communal tension for their Political Career, but it is the duty of Intellectuals from Religious circle to come forward and talk against these elements. So Let us spread these messages at least in the form of these stories.