Shah rukh Khan Dilwale

Shah rukh Khan has now agreed and again apologized for his comment if it were to hurt someone. Then I have news for you, it indeed did, and to many of Indians, they felt being cheated. You traded your career on their Love and then you branded them Intolerant.  Mr shah rukh khan ,you can not be expert at acting and politics at the same time, time to learn  a lesson and  from now onwards don’t take us for Granted and don’t try to enforce your Political and religious influence on your Fan. It is we ,who made you not other way around.

This will serve a many lessons to other actors(Notably Aamir Khan) and public figures of India, and now they will be alert while making Politically and Religiously motivated statements

“At some point of time, I do regret people could not understand what I said. It was not represented properly. If anybody feels bad about it, I regret it completely.

“I just want to wish that all the people who wish to see the film on their own, please go out and see it. Don’t get misled by people who perhaps misconstrued what I am saying, so I regret that this has happened. I feel extremely sad,” Shah Rukh Khan said.

“I apologise if somebody got disturbed, please go out and enjoy the film because it’s not me, there are thousands who have made it with a lot of love.”

“I can’t deny the fact that I’ve been reading messages on Whatsapp. I’ve been reading messages on social media, and even on ground that there has been activity all over the country, where the film has been stopped, and not allowed. “Yes, box office collections have been hit, I don’t know exactly the places. But they have been,” he said. “I have been an actor for 25 years in this country. I would like to say I received love from every corner of the country, in spite of religion, region, caste, creed, gender.

“And the only way I can return the love is through my work. And I try my best to do that. I succeed some times, and sometimes I fail, but I try my best to do that. So it saddens me when any of my work can’t reach the people, because I do work two or three times a year. It is saddening.”There have been images of the superstar in the social media which Shah Rukh Khan found offensive. He said he has even been linked with people he doesn’t have any links with.”A lot of the things I say are misconstrued perhaps, misrepresented, perhaps misinterpreted sometimes. And I am not someone who can sit here and say… this amazing amount of love from my countrymen and women… I have any issue with it in terms of tolerance and intolerance. So I don’t. “But of course like the other day, I was sitting in and somebody put a tweet which does not belong to me. And I can’t clarify,” he added.

“I see a news which say I am related to an X person who is entirely against my country but that’s not true. I have no logistic way to explain all this, at my stage and age. I am a representative of my own country and I am thankful to everybody, but I can’t keep explaining that.”

On being Added with Hafiz Syed.