Everyone in India,  Right Now is aware of the fact that Some Media Houses are so into bashing Narendra Modi that they can go to any length in demeaning his Stature, but this is not acceptable at all. We will give you the whole story, it started with various messages on Social Media reporting  Modi’ Mothers Illness and Praises of her Simplicity, when she herself called ambulance and went to Public hospital in Public Ward.

And then on seeing This Viral Post, ABP News tries its hand as being Fake detective and Posted a Tweet saying this is not true, she is not hospitalized at all, Later on Truth comes out and they had to apologize.

So Now Questions are being asked on social media, What is Limit of Degraded news and to what Low can these Media Houses go?

Such is the Hate of Modi in Some Media Channels that they won’t spare his Mother as well.



And Mind You such is the Falseness of these News Channels that Their ‘Viral Sach’ is to investigate and expose Viral Lies is itself spreading ‘Viral Lies’