Bollywood is as fake as Pakistan as A Democratic country is! So if Kashmiri Pandits were thinking that Vidhu Vinod Chopra as one of their own will do justice to true story of Plight and Suffering a Kashmiri Pandits, then they have themselves to Blame.

We are not calling for Boycott of this Movie but it is hightime that These Bollywood so-called intellects should be judged for their Monetary intentions while keeping aside the Truth- when supposedly they Name and call their Movie as ‘ The untold Truth’.

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Must Watch : Another Review from Kashmiri Hindu in Jammu, who went to watch the movie with a Hope. Worst Part he says is Vidhu Vinod Chopra thanking Muftis & Abdullahs, people responsible for Exodus.

Only a callous, insensate, person would tell a victim of carnage, pogrom, genocide, ethnic cleansing that there are “two sides to truth”. Hopefully Vidhu Vinod Chopra will not make a film on Bengal Famine, 1971 genocide by #Pakistan, Marichjhapi, 1984 massacre of Sikh, 26/11.

Sordid #denialism is worse than the crime against humanity being denied. It is morally abhorrent, ethically repugnant. Denialism is the tombstone that marks the grave where conscience has been buried. Denialism is by design, not by accident.

A velvet tongue does not impart legitimacy to #denialism nor do treacly words make it tolerable. Every crime against humanity has collaborators. Every denialist has supporters. Think Vichy and you will get it. That is why the needle of the moral compass must never waver.

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Watched #Shikara. It has secularised the #HinduGenocide in #Kashmir and romanticised it for the mega bucks it will make. Our homes and murders are a mere prop in this story. Massacres, rapes and vandalised temples must’ve been too gory to qualify for even a prop, in a love story.

Kashmiri Hindus denounce the movie #Shikara. Say, it adds salt to their wounds by marketing the film as “The Untold Story of Kashmiri Pandits,” whereas its nothing more than a typical boy-girl Bollywood romance.

Must Watch : Kashmiri Hindu Women Breaks down and takes on Vidhu Vinod Chopra on Shikara as @neelakantha sitting next to her tries to calm her dowm The shocking part is Vidhu Vinod Chopra replying “Truth has two sides”