To Our secular and Tolerant Politicians, who have failed miserably and intentionally resorted to back Anti-National Forces for Vote-Bank policy  may need a lesson or two on Patriotism from our Real Heroes like Shikhar Dhawan and Akshay Kumar. Dear Media Crooks don’t brand these celebrities as BJP sympathizers, but should open your and read the signs, these guys have no political affiliation so when they speak they speak for country and countrymen.

“My take is simple. It (flag) should be unfurled at the Universities. It (flag) is the pride of the nation. The more the merrier I would say, Though you have touched upon a sensitive topic, one should never say anything ill about the country you live in,” Shikhar Dhawan

” I welcome the Government decision to fly Tricolor at Central universities, Tricolor inspire us to do many great thing and achieve greater success for Country Read More” Akshay Kumar

The man who never cried on a war zone had to cry  on national television for Defending National Flag-Defending  Decision to hoist Tricolor on Central University, Fauji Maj Gen(Rtd) G D Bakshi made to Cry on National TV while debating at TIMES NOW hosted by Arnab Goswami.

Major General(Rtd) G D Bakshi: The man who never cried on a war zone

Defending Tricolor, Fauji G D Bakshi made to Cry on TIMES NOW, Politicians must be ashamed of Themselves!