This is India where 40 yr olds are still youth icon, 29 yr Old who talks nonsense and want Azaadi from India, is allowed to have prime time, but a Little Girl who talks sense is mocked and bullied by Psuedo Liberals and Media Crooks at Social Media. The same gang brand 15yr girl unfit to debate with a 28 yr old Anti-National, But that 28 year Old still a Krantikari Baby in Media eyes can abuse and give lectures on governance to PM Modi. Such is the Hyprocricy of these Hypocrites, I say if One has right to talk nonsense, then she has birthright to talk sense.

A user at twitter calls Her dumb, Do you know her achievements regarding Social Causes. For God Sake you managed through 15 days of Marathon reporting on JNU Anti-Nationals and their Media Chachis and you are now intolerant with Nationalist Talks of a Girl.

First know about this 15 year Old student- Name is Jhanvi Behal, a student from Ludhiana, a Renouned social Activist at such early age, a student of DAV Public school, who was honoured on Republic Day for her contribution towards Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

She considers Mother Teresa as her source of inspiration for working for the society’s betterment. Jhanvi made a documentary, Maa Mera Ki Kasoor, on female foeticide to spread awareness.

She had filed a writ in Punjab and Haryana high court against adult movies and porn content on social networking sites. She also appeared in the court in her school dress. The high court had pronounced judgment in her favour.