Show cause notice to NDTV over Coverage of Pathankot Attack, Alleged by Many as Anti-National Activity


Show cause notice to NDTV

The Information and Broadcasting ministry is sending a show cause notice to Hindi news channel NDTV India over its Coverage of the terrorist attack on Pathankot airbase which “prima facie” violated norms. It is been in news for some time and alleged by various Military experts that how their coverage would had helped ‘Terrorists in Carrying Terror  attack on Pathankot airbase.

“It has come to the ministry’s notice that when the operation was on, the correspondent of the channel gave details and locations of sensitive spots in the airbase. Telecast of such strategically sensitive information could affect the operations and could even cause damage,” a source said.
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And Mind you this is not the first time, it is allegedly done by NDTV during 26/11 Mumbai Terror attack. During their notoriously famous coverage of 2008 Mumbai attacks, during which Barkha Dutt reported from Taj Mahal Hotel and Oberoi Trident, She was blamed for sensationalising the events, putting lives at risk and causing deaths by identifying on live television where the hotel guests might be located.

We were one of the first to write a Post about it, Read our popular post Barkha Dutt is alleged to indirectly help Terrorists, Demands to Close NDTV for Anti-National Activities is Trending on Twitter

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