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Steve Jobs of Microsoft? Rahul Gandhi thinks so!

steve jobs of Microsoft by Rahul Gandhi

Another Gaffe from Only Intelligent man ever existed in Congress Party Rahul Gandhi, if he says “Steve Jobs of Microsoft”, then Congress party and his followers must believe that Steve jobs was from Microsoft. Twitterati trolled Rahul Gandhi for a speech he made.

Gandhi reportedly said: “…One day you’re going to run this country, run the institutions, you will be the Steve Jobs of Microsofts.. the Facebooks of this country…”

Twitter started mocking Rahul Gandhi for not knowing the founder of Microsoft–Bill Gates.

Soon, #SteveJobsOfMicrosoft soon started trending on Twitter.

Let us see what other think of His vision-

Mr Arvind Kejriwal please don’t mock him, it is not his mistake but his story writer and his managers who arranged rehearsal speech, Sanjay Nirupam should be under CBI enquiry.

Steve jobs of Microsoft : Only pappu can say that. Sometime really feel pity on him.

Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejdiwal) January 17, 2016

Rahul Gandhi Said Students To Become Like Steve Jobs of Microsoft. ROFL! #PappuQuotes.

— Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadeja) January 17, 2016

He ws a Poor guy 1day he realized, poverty is a state of mind He acquired Jupiter’s Escape Velocity. He became Steve Jobs of Microsoft

— Arun Gokul (@arungokulvs) January 17, 2016

The Nobel Prize of literature should be given to Rahul Gandhi for his fiction ~ ‘ Steve Jobs of Microsoft ‘

— Dr Aayush Saran (@aayushsaran) January 17, 2016

Who said that Alia Bhatt has lowest IQ and poorest general knowledge?? Steve Jobs of Microsoft #pappuquotes

— Shaifali Malukani (@sp_malukani) January 17, 2016

Steve Jobs of Microsoft – Rahul Gandhi is a troll’s delight! pic.twitter.com/4l6Bsdc74x

— Popate (@PopateTweets) January 17, 2016

So what “Comedy Nights with Kapil” ended its run? We still have Rahul Gandhi. “”Steve Jobs of Microsoft”

— Neel Rao (@neelrao) January 17, 2016

According to Rahul Gandhi. Pic1: Steve Jobs of Microsoft. Pic2: Steve Jobless of India. . pic.twitter.com/9zYYZK7Pkh

— PhD in Bakchodi !! (@Atheist_Krishna) January 17, 2016

Steve Jobs of Microsoft #PappuQuotes pic.twitter.com/gEG24HVz71

— Dilip Soni (@iDilipsoni) January 17, 2016

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