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Yeah It’s true,you should check your weight twice in a month and correspondingly monitor your workout,but checking your weight everyday is Real waste,results on day basis is not concrete and you should not worry about it,as weight loss is a extensive process and it will take time.Things done in Hurry is always have adverse effects.

Well a study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour found that young women weighing themselves everyday could have severe psychological consequences for them.

The research was conducted by Project Eating and Activity in Teens and Young Adults (EAT) and followed a total number on 1868 teens and young adults over a 10-year period and its aim was to see how present self-weighing was in teens in their transition into young adults.

Results indicated that females who reported increase in self-weighing over the 10-year period were expected to have increase in weight concern and depressive symptoms and decreases in body satisfaction and self-esteem.

This is true with everyone ,women and men alike.It is one of creepy habits that need to be removed from our Life.

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