Subramanian Swamy with Another Startling Revelation- Sonia Took Bribe and deposited in Pictet Bank

It seems Many countries Intelligence Services combined equals Mr Subramanian Swamy, How did he get all these information when our ever sleeping IB has nothing, Salute to you sir! And now Maverick Corruption buster has another revelation in his kitty, it is Mother of all Revelation

“Sonia Gandhi did receive bribe money; she stashed it in Geneva’s Sarasin Bank,” claims Subramanian Swamy.

“A part of bribe money received by Sonia Gandhi was also deposited in Pictet Bank,” Swamy added during a conversation with ABP News.

“Now, Enforcement Directorate (ED) must probe the bribe matter of Sonia Gandhi on the basis of these Sarasin Bank and Pictet Bank details,” Swamy demanded

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Reactions at Twitter – #SoniaTookBribe

Reactions at Twitter are overwhelming, in Tons demanding Fair Trial and Jail for Accused.





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