If Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy  thinks  so i believe it may be true about Juvenile convict involved in Nirbhaya Gangrape Case.

In the first place itself, the convict should not be allowed to roam free in Humane Society.

“The juvenile convict should be kept with wild animals for committing such heinous crime. It is dangerous to free such people. There are certain flaws in our law. The juvenile laws are applicable only for people committing crimes like stealing food or bicycle but this law is not applicable for such kind of heinous crimes. There is no provision in the law that if such juvenile accuse do not change in the three years, then what action needs to be taken,”

Swamy told ANI ,Dec11,2015.

“According to the report of Indian Intelligence bureau, the juvenile accuse has turned into a jihadi. So, the court should interfere and make certain provisions in the law regarding this. The government should move court and seek to arrest the juvenile accused under National Security Act. ” he added.

And again he reiterated it on ‘Sidhi Baat’ on Aaj Tak.

He said he is in contact with Some Legitimate sources who confirmed that the convict has been in contact with Fringe elements and may become a Jihadi upon Release.