Suresh Prabhu and RPF

Suresh Prabhu and RPF

Undoubtedly Mr Suresh Prabhu, you are ‘prabhu in Trains’. Time and Again, you are  proved to be best ever Railway minister, India has ever found. and now again a tweet to Mr Suresh Prabhu‘s official Twitter Handle has saved a Orphan girl, who was traveling alone, Have you ever heard of something of this kind happened in Indian Trains.  She was forced to board  a Train by two men(May be for Flesh Market). This is the ultimate rescue work done by You.

It was a timely action and we must praise a co-passenger Divyansh Kunteta@Divyansh131 who tweeted the urgent matter to @RailMinIndia the official twitter handle of Railway Minster Suresh Prabhu. It is indeed a brave act done by a co-passenger, who does that.

suresh prabhu

Suresh Prabhu RPF saves a girl

We all must appreciate his efforts by sharing these posts, as if these great deeds will get unnoticed, will be like losing a wonderful Politician.