Suresh Prabhu does it again, Railway for Relief Work in Latur

Latur in Maharashtra’s Marathwada region, that is battling the worst drought ever, gets some relief all with help of Mr Suresh Prabhu. This will be known as A Thumping Tale of Political will. Even ever critical Arvind kejriwal has appreciated Central Government’s efforts. Well done Mr Suresh Prabhu for keeping up with your Promise, for sending Special Water train carrying 5 lakh litres of water for drought hit Marathwada region, Latur.

“The first batch of 10 wagons, each with a capacity of around 50,000 litres, was filled with water at Miraj railway station in Sangli district,” said chief spokesperson of Central Railway, Narendra Patil.

The initiative was taken by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu as many parts of his home state are reeling under a severe water crisis, especially villages in Latur district that has a population of around 2.45 crore. ZEE News

Even critics like Arvind Kejriwal appreciates


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