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Why is Arvind Kejriwal Mad about Modi?

Why is Arvind Kejriwal Mad about Modi? Recently i came across the question ” Is Arvind Kejriwal mad about Modi? ” at Quora and thought of Answering it, but then thought of reading all existing Answers. I was really amazed at the clarity and logical reasoning behind those answers. Is Arvind Kejriwal Mad about PM Narendra Modi? Answer by Rajagopalan K Suryanarayan If we study the history of Arvind Kejriwall over the last four years you will get the answer. Kejriwall is not at all mad about Modi. He is least bothered about Modi. But he is more bothered about the chair of Modi....

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Vijender Gupta, BJP MLA, alleges Kejriwal of Illicit Affair (sex escapades) & What is #alookejriwal?

Vijender Gupta the lone BJP MLA in Delhi Assembly has today sparked a Renewed Controversy by tweeting that “AAP MLAs raised hue & cry aftr I raised issue of Kejriwal’s sex escapades in House.CM left & the House was adjourned”. Is it True Arvind Kejriwal? AAP MLAs raised hue & cry aftr I raised issue of Kejriwal’s sex escapades in House.CM left &the House was adjourned. https://t.co/p2xED3dtTX — Vijender Gupta (@Gupta_vijender) November 15, 2016 So we tried to unearth the whole story and sources behind it. Mr Vijendra Gupta has shared a News story “who-is-shilpa-her-sexual-affair-with-arvind-kejriwal-former-journalist-colleague-kapil-bajaj-raises-question”. The Website Newsgram has gotten...

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PM Modi gets emotional- I won’t back down on Rs 500 & Rs 2000 Ban!

PM Modi a ultra-courageous man but today he was emotional. He must had high expectations from the opposition and he might have thought they would help the common man to overcome the recent issues. Our Ever communal and corrupt politico gang can never raise above petty politics as it suits their aspirations. PM Narendra modi made these comments on demonetisation during his address in Goa. I know the forces up against me, they may not let me live,they may ruin me because their loot of 70 years is in trouble, but am prepared. What was the news in 2012, 2013 and first...

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Who Won The Twitter War- Arvind Kejriwal Vs CEO of PayTM Vijay Shekhar Sharma?

No Need to Guess CEO of PayTM Vijay Shekhar Sharma has won the First round of Tweet war against Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. The war started as  Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal allege that Paytm, a mobile payment entity and commerce platform, has become the biggest beneficiary of PM Modi’s announcement. Kejriwal Claims PAYTM the Reason PM Modi Banned Rs 500 1000 PM Modi can get him killed Kejriwal- Gets Slammed at Twitter Reactions See How CEO of PayTM Vijay Shekhar Sharma Won   Paytm biggest beneficiary of PM’s announcement. Next day PM appears in its ads. Whats the deal, Mr PM? https://t.co/lfP0PrQICQ...

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