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How Celebrities Reacted On PM Modi’s Bold Move to Ban Rs 500 & 2000 Notes

See How Bollywood  and its Celebrities Reacted On PM Narendra Modi’s Bold Move. Fake currency notes with face value of Rs 400 crore are in circulation across the country, Minister of State for Finance Arjun Ram Meghwal recently told Parliament, citing a government-mandated study. The study on Fake Indian Currency Note (FICN) issues, including estimation of FICN in circulation, was conducted by Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata under the overall supervision of NIA (National Investigation Agency). “As per the study, the face value of FICN in circulation was found to be about Rs 400 crore. It was found the...

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Virat Kohli makes a HeartFelt plea to Delhiites- Curb Pollution

Virat Kohli made an emotional and very sensible plea to Delhiites “The future depends on how we act now. It’s heartbreaking to see the pollution levels rise so high”. He is so right when he says future depends on how we act now and we must Act Now! Thick blanket of smog that might have been caused due to the burning of  Firecrackers during Diwali that has made things worse for delhi. Looking at the situation, India Test captain Virat Kohli posted a video on his twitter account, requestingg people to not destroy nature, and subsequently their future. Life is precious & nature is...

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One Crore on Snacks but Arvind Kejriwal has no Power to buy a Pen!!

Now BJP has asked Arvind Kejriwal that rather than behaving as a troll on twitter, should try to fulfill his role as Delhi CM. With three more deaths in last 24 hours, total number of deaths due to Chikuguinia in delhi goes up to 5, but Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his famed cabinet is absent from the Capital even as people suffer and die. This is the Swarajya AAP style. But what is his explanation:- “CM n min left wid no power now, even to buy a pen. LG n PM enjoy all powers wrt Del. LG abroad. Question them...

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