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Robert Vadra Speaks to Times of India- Funny reactions at Twitter

Robert Vadra businessman and son-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandhi now spoke to Times of India about everything Political especially giving his expert opinion on demonetisation as if all other Finance experts were on Leave. Hey TOI you could have done better. Funny reactions at Twitter Daily wagers, small businesses and farmers worst affected by #demonetisation, says Robert Vadra Reply:- Robert Vadra talking about farmers is like @laluprasadrjd preaching about corruption free governments. cc- @yadavtejashwi (9th fail) https://t.co/8oBS6ZuSWz — gab.ai/Murari (@Murari__) December 2, 2016   #RobertVadraSpeaks On #DeMonetisation. Good To See A Poor Farmer Expressing His Views & Feelings On Modi’s...

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#ddvsrh Funny Reactions at Twitter: Karun Nair “Underdog of Underdogs”

Cricket Matches always brings Best and funniest Reactions at Twitter, a Festive Mood i say! And when Match involves Trollers delight Delhi Daredevils (DD), Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), Warner, Dhawan and Yuvraj, It is bound to be Comedy at Best. This season DD  lost its Midas touch( in Losing Matches) but again its getting Momentum in its ever losing streak. so Sidhu Paji has a  message “Pants on Fire” for Them So Delhi Daredevils has heard his Message– A Win that makes Point Tables to complicated to guess!! Woww look this #IPL2016 points table First time ever in #IPL #DDvSRH pic.twitter.com/1NnLs9A1ZA — Virender singh (@imsingh97) May...

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Troll Attack on Arvind Kejriwal- Revealed ‘Degree’ was the Reason Kattapa Killed Bahubali

Amidst many revelations and many theories, it is still very unclear that “Why did Katappa kill Baahubali?” but because of on going one sided Degree war between Twitter Kejriwal Modi ( Modi is uninterested and not affected at all in this war), a Parody Account of Arvind Kejriwal “Trollkejri” has speculated that it is indeed because of missing or forged degrees of Katappa or Bahubali. A very funny take at Twitter on one of biggest Entertainment gossips in India. Kattapa killed Bahubali for not showing his degree . Modi police is still searching for Kattapa. Shame on Modi https://t.co/bQr6bFd0NA —...

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#KejriwalSaySorry Funny Reactions at Twitter- Kejriwal The Degree Maniac!!

The Limelight queen Arvind Kejriwal will do anything for been in News, his next  Propaganda “I Ask your Degree” is the Master Funny stroke. And so Twitter has reacted. Mind you reactios at twitter is overwhelming, 109k in some Hours!! Save you Laughs guys!! Great Stress Buster,Get ready for Laughing your Heart out- First it was there is no degree. Now it is a fake degree. Next it will be degree is real but he wasn’t paying attention in class. — Chetan Bhagat (@chetan_bhagat) May 9, 2016 #KejriwalSaySorry Ashutosh tonight pic.twitter.com/iQfRpVWLLM — Avinash (@avinashasjohn) May 9, 2016 Though @ArvindKejriwal...

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Funny Reactions at Twitter- Why so Silent Kejriwal on #AugustaWestland VVIP Chopper Scam

Kejriwal and AAP who have been dubbed as B-Party in recent times for Sonia Gandhi Led Congress has now become Ultimate Joke on Social Media for His Pin-Drop silence on #AugustaWestland VVIP Chopper Scam which allegedly  involves Sonia Gandhi and Many other Prominent Leaders from Congress. So we ask why so Silent Mr Kejriwal, India demands Answers!! As soon as @Swamy39 named SoniaG in RS… Congi Rats jumped & down as if their bottom was on fire #AugustaWestlandhttps://t.co/ZbLRFlh6Dv — MediaCrooks (@mediacrooks) April 27, 2016   Rajdeep & Sagarika reaction on #AugustaWestland Scam!! pic.twitter.com/wiYCM0vl13 — आप चोर हैं (@AapChorHain) April 27,...

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