Freedom 251 No more on Homepage of Ringing Bells!

Shocked whole world with its cheapest smartphone for $4 (Freedom 251 for Rs 251) looks like promotion strategy for Ringing Bells although the Company is going to deliver its 5000 smartphones to its lucky customers from July 8, followed by a second batch with a similar number of units. This is a far less from the 2 lakh units of Freedom 251 the company claimed it will deliver. And all indications are that Ringing Bells has shifted focus to other phones now. The home Page of Ringing Bells has no mention of its Frreedom 251 phone instead shows Four feature Phones. Ringing bells HIT priced at...

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Freedom 251 has a sibling Cheapest LED TV Freedom TV

“Freedom 251” is not alone, it has it’s sibling Cheapest LED TV from the same Maker,Ringing Bells. Now this is called a great surprise, everyone who guessed Ringing Bells to run Away might have to guess again. Ringing Bells, The maker of the world’s cheapest smartphone  Freedom 251  has now launched several new devices a 31.5-inch HD LED TV, four feature phones, two smartphones and three power banks at a packed event in the capital. . The Freedom LED TV is being touted as India’s cheapest LED TV. Ringing Bells has confirmed that it will start deliveries of the Freedom TV from...

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