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Agni-V successfully test fired- China & Pakistan must be fuming

India conducts fourth test launch of Agni-V  intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in its final operational configuration from Wheeler Island off Odisha on Monday. The Agni-V, is capable of striking a target more than 5,000 km away. It is about 17-metre long, 2-metre wide and has launch weight of around 50 tonnes. The missile can carry a nuclear warhead of more than one tonne. Successful test firing of Agni V makes every Indian very proud. It will add tremendous strength to our strategic defence. The successful test firing of Agni V is the result of the hardwork of DRDO & its...

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How Celebrities Reacted On PM Modi’s Bold Move to Ban Rs 500 & 2000 Notes

See How Bollywood  and its Celebrities Reacted On PM Narendra Modi’s Bold Move. Fake currency notes with face value of Rs 400 crore are in circulation across the country, Minister of State for Finance Arjun Ram Meghwal recently told Parliament, citing a government-mandated study. The study on Fake Indian Currency Note (FICN) issues, including estimation of FICN in circulation, was conducted by Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata under the overall supervision of NIA (National Investigation Agency). “As per the study, the face value of FICN in circulation was found to be about Rs 400 crore. It was found the...

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Watch Video- India’s soldiers are a symbol of humanity: PM Modi

This Video is so Important and a Must watch, this is the First time after Surgical Strikes our PM Narendra Modi made a Public speech praising India Armed Forces but without taking any or credit snatching. He even did not attacked the Farce Opposition who is no entangled in slamming and blaming Their Own government. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today addressed a gathering at Bhopal, and inaugurated the Shaurya Smaarak. Ex-servicemen were present in large numbers at the public meeting. The Prime Minister said India’s soldiers are a symbol of humanity. He recalled how the jawans of the...

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Why #PakStandsWithKejriwal is Trending in Pakistan?

See the Irony, What should have been #IndiaStandsWithKejriwal is now #PakStandsWithKejriwal! Pakistan is proud of Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal must be rewarded for his Pakistan Love. Pakistani Media is quoting Arvind Kejriwal as potential proof to Their Modified story of No Surgical Strikes in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. In a Way Arvind Kejriwal has indirectly supported Pakistani Media in Propagating false News. Way to Go, you can now be PM of Pakistan! Problem with Immature Politicos of AAP is that they think they are only intelligent left in this Fool’s World and world strictly revolves around them. CONGRATS @ARVINDKEJRIWAL SIR. SOON YOU WILL...

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