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Supreme Court rejects Sahara-Birla diaries Raga Should Hide Now

Much to Dismay of Prashant Bhushan and Rahul Gandhi, Supreme Court today rejected a probe into the Sahara-Birla diaries, which Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi has used to allege that Prime Minister Narendra Modi accepted kickbacks from corporate houses during his time as Gujarat Chief Minister.   #SupremeCourt decision on the Sahara-Birla case is a tight slap on the face of Prashant Bhushan, Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi. — CA.RAJEEV GUPTA (@RAJEEVGUPTACA) January 11, 2017 Sahara, Birla diaries to be part of CAG audithttps://t.co/D1EPLeFFzN — ISIpremiBJP (@ShadmaTahseen) January 1, 2017 Sahara, Birla diaries to be part of CAG audithttps://t.co/D1EPLeFFzN — ਫਰਿ...

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Rahul Gandhi to celebrate New Year in London- His Satyagrah against PM Modi and Notebandi

Yes this is true, The haters of Rahul Gandhi we have news for you. If you are thinking that he is abroad to have fun and on Holiday,  you are in for surprise. Mr Rahul Gandhi is there to start a styagrah against PM Narendra Modi from There. He will not be in Pubs or Any fun places. He will find a secluded place to Medidate for Poor and Dalits of India. Rahul Gandhi is a Divine man, went to London for Divine purpose. When in India Rahul Gandhi was crying whole time amidst Demonetization mess. He was so moved...

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Rahul Gandhi Now Discovers Full Form of PayTM “It’s Pay to Modi”

Rahul Gandhi is one such politician who has left learning, behind, as he is ahead of Learning. So when he does the Discovery- Full Form of PayTM “It’s Pay to Modi”, it has left us spellbound. Now i am sure biggest unintentional beneficiary of demonetization has been PayTM.  Who has been openly but unintentionally (Rather i say accidentally)  endorsed by Opposition leaders First Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and Now Rahul Gandhi. PayTM should stop advertising as they are getting it for Free. Just to Market you know, How true it is! Note ban a ‘foolish decision, not bold’, Paytm means ‘Pay to Modi‘,...

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PM Modi attacks Rahul Gandhi on demonetization issue

PM Narendra Modi has long been defensive, but now rightly attacks Rahul Gandhi on demonetization issue. What was the news in 2012, 2013 and first half of 2014- the scams, the corruption…did you see their condition after 8th November. PM MODI ON RAHUL GANDHI   This suffering is for 50 days; After cleanliness, not even a mosquito can fly; People in #2Gscam have to stand in queue for Rs 4000: PM Modi   Those involved in big scams, now have to stand in long queues to take out Rs 4000: PM Narendra Modi at  Goa       Read our...

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