D Raja Allegedly gestures to adjourn Parliament During Smriti Irani Speech


You can see for yourself How Match Fixing is done in Rajya Sabha, in which CPI MP D Raja was seen signalling to Honorable Chair, in this Alleged Video while Smriti Irani was quoting Devi Durga and slamming Opposition leaders to support those Mental Cases, D Raja sensed that she is unstoppable so he gestured towards Deputy Chairman, might to adjourn the proceedings.

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Watch to see nervous and shaken Congress-Leftists were planing to adjourn the House, when Smriti Irani was doing Verbal Live Encounter based on Devi Durga Quotes taken from Pamphlets used in JNU. D Raja was caught red-handed by signalling to adjourn the house. So It was a perfect Match Fixing of Congress-Left.



Watch Smriti Irani’s Speech in Lok Sabha- Rohith Vemula,JNU Row Discussed

Watch Smriti Irani’s Thundering and fiery Speech in Lok Sabha (Parliament), you will enjoy her doing verbal encounter of Opposition specially Rahul Gandhi. In her speech all the questions being raised by opposition discussed includding  Rohith Vemula,JNU Row,Kanhaiya,Umar Khalid.

Even she alleged that Suicide of Rohith Vemula is being Framed, Listen to her demolishing all the lies. 

Video Courtesy- Zee News @You Tube