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Rajdeep Sardesai interviews Sonia Gandhi- Reactions at Twitter

So to counter Arnab, Rajdeep Sardesai now interviews Sonia Gandhi, but why Sonia- No guesses i guess. It is crystal clear that Indian Journalists are divided in two camp and everyone knows who resides in which Camp or who serves which Master. Now Fight for Top Anti-Modi journalist is on! Tarkha Futt must do something.   You tube link to Sonia on Indira interview https://t.co/RSjL6pP9oV #SoniaSpeaksUp — Rajdeep Sardesai (@sardesairajdeep) November 21, 2016   Reactions on Twitter   SoGa: Rajdeep? Rajdeep: Yes ma’am SoGa: Sent you answers, prepare questions for the interview Rajdeep: _/\_#SoniaSpeaksUp — Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchannn) November 21, 2016...

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Kejriwal “Modi doesn’t have courage to arrest Sonia Gandhi”

Failed Corruption Crusader Arvind Kejriwal now says “PM Narendra Modi doesn’t have ‘enough courage’ to arrest Sonia Gandhi”. It sounds like a Joke coming from the Man who once claimed to arrest and jail Sheila Dikshit once he comes in power basing on his 370 page Corruption Book. I often wonder “what happened to your Promises”- ODD-EVEN i guess. “The Italian Court order also has names of Sonia Gandhi, Ahmed Patel, certain officers and Congressmen, but Modi is not able to gather enough courage to arrest Sonia Gandhi, to ask her even two questions, to interrogate her… “Modi ji you...

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Narendra Modi in Tamilnadu- Targets Sonia for Her Italy Connection in Agusta Scam

He may not be in Parliament today but that didn’t stop PM Narendra Modi from attacking Sonia Gandhi for Her Italy Connection and her role  in Agusta Westland Scam. “I have never seen Italy, I don’t even know anyone there. I never met anyone from Italy, but still they made them the accused. What can I do?” “Money from the coal auction was utilised to serve the poorest of the poor, unlike the past when money was looted. The 2G scam involved prominent leaders from this state also. They did 2G while we are working towards Digital India. Earlier poor farmers had to purchase...

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Reactions at Twitter on Sonia Gandhi Led ‘Save Democracy’ March from Jantar Mantar to Parliament

Reactions at twitter  “on Sonia Gandhi Led ‘Save Democracy’ in India, March from Jantar Mantar to Parliament”  were awesome, where Majority of Users asked for what reason Congress is doing such a March. Some of the Twitterati even suggested to do a March from Jantar Mantar to Italy instead and some were of  opinion that this Drama is for diverting all negative Attention garnered from Augusta Westland Deal and This time around, it seems not even tens of Such March is going to save Congress and it’s Corrupt Leaders. And the entry of Robert Vadra in Posters at ‘Jantar Mantar’ were enough...

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Reactions at Twitter on Alleged Involvement of ‘Signora’ Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi is been called #ScamQueenSonia at twitter and criticized heavily for her Alleged role in Augusta VVIP choppers Scam. An Italian court order that names former IAF chief S P Tyagi for receiving bribes in purchase of VVIP choppers and references to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and other top party leaders sent political temperatures soaring with BJP demanding the “bribe takers” own up to their role in the UPA-era defence deal. Though it did not state they received bribes, the Italian court in its order took note of the documents which have the accused mentioning Sonia, her political secretary Ahmed Patel and senior leader...

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