Ahmed Shehzad Vs Virat Kohli, Commentators mock Shehzad for being a CopyMaster

It is no wonder that Ahmed Shehzad Vs Virat Kohli is always a raging debate in Cricket world as Pakistani Batsman is openly blamed to copy Virat Kohli’s Batting and Life style. It may be that both has similar approaches to Game and Life. But this comparisons has given a topic to Trend and Shehzad often irritated by comparisons even resorted to slam Media.

Ahmed Shehzad Vs Virat Kohli

“Neither do I follow any other international cricketer nor like to be compared with anyone,”

“There is no comparison, he plays for India I play for Pakistan. He has his own ambitions, I have mine. And I am sure when I have played the number of ODIs and Tests that he has played I would have also achieved a lot. But right now I have played just 70 he has played double that figure so comparisons should not be made by the media.” Ahmed Shehzad, August, 2015

But now reputed commentators has taken a lead to taunt him, Commentators Simon Doull and Rameez Raja were heard mocking’ the Ahmed Shehzad for imitating the Indian superstar. This Ahmed Shehzad Vs Virat Kohli battle is going to be funnier.

Doull said it did not take a rocket scientist to note who Shehzad wants to be like. The Kiwi then went on to comment on the batting records of the duo. Raja laughed and agreed with his co-commentator.

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