Talaq for Muslim woman – As She Votes for BJP in Assam

A Hate Blinded Muslim Man has reportedly divorced his wife of 10 years and Reason for Talaq- She voted for BJP in Assam. A curious case of Moronic Prejudices, Hope this Moron be Jailed!

How could any body back up his decision?? Any secular and Tolerant Politico or Media Liars are Most welcome to comment on this Man’s Decision.

Ainuddin got angry when he came to know about his wife’s refusal to follow the diktat. He eventually announced his talaq to Dilwara Begum, his wife of ten years. The incident is seen as the clear evidence of polarisation of votes between Hindus and Muslims in Assam polls. Political observers think that a majority of the 34 per cent Muslim voters in Assam voted for Congress, while a large section of the State’s Hindus favoured the BJP in Assembly polls.


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