We all know about AIB’s Tanmay Bhat  attempting Snapchat at getting Famous for wrong Reasons which has crossed Laxman Rekhas he posted a video of a mock conversation between two legends – Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar  full of Expletives, disrespectful references.

But it seems Maharashtra Government is going way out to punish Tanmay Bhatt, and it did enrage TV Maverick anchor Arnab Goswamy who says Maharashtra Government needs to concentrate on Drought not on Snapchat.

“28,000 villages have been hit in Maharashtra across 20-22 districts by drought. What should be the concern of the Maharashtra government, Snapchat or drought?”

Tanmay  Bhat posted the video, captioned “‘Sachin vs Lata Civil War”, on Facebook on May 26, along with this disclaimer: “I make such nonsense on my Snapchat.”


Arnab Goswami on SNAPCHAT In The Most Hilarious Way



Obviously, all the millennials know Snapchat like the back of their hand. But seeing Arnab Goswamy describe it, and how, is quite priceless!
Watch the video to know more.