“Those who couldn’t Hide Their Black Money, Now accusing Government” PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says those accusing govt of not being prepared for demonetisation were themselves not ready for the move. He is right in his assessment. He is speaking at a programme in the run up to Constitution Day when he answered Politicos who have ganged up against him on the issue of Black Money. This is PM Modi’s response to Manmohan Singh’s speech in Rajya sabha.


Every person has a right to spend his or her money. No one can take anyone’s money. Now people can spend through mobile technology also.


Excerpts from PM Modi’s speech


26th November was decided to be observed as Constitution Day to celebrate the Constitution and have greater awareness among the youth.

Our Constitution has a very special place in our lives. We remember Dr. Ambedkar whenever we remember the Constitution.

Important to be connected with the spirit of the Constitution, not only be aware of the various articles of the Constitution.

We celebrate 26th January with great enthusiasm but we must also remember- without 26th November, we could not celebrate 26th January.

The common citizen of India has become a soldier against corruption and black money


PM Modi’s speech at the book release function on the occasion of Constitution Day in New Delhi



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