Not ‘Achche Din’ for Black Marketeers, Money Hoarders, Corrupt Junta in India as IT Department is conducting raid like Department on Mission- Going Boom Boom Post Demonetisation. Their Hard and committed work is showing Results.

Times of India has reported “In a little over a month after the announcement of demonetisation on November 8, the income tax department carried out a record 586 searches across the country which yielded more than Rs 300 crore in cash seizures, Rs 79 crore in new currency notes of Rs 2,000, and unaccounted income of Rs 2,600 crore”.

PM Narendra Modi must be congratulated for his Hard yet Visionary Step to Ban old currency of Rs 500 and Rs 1000.

latest news of Income Tax raids:

  1. The income tax officers has recovered money worth crores in cash, including new currency, and tens of kg in gold bars, in multiple raids in Chennai to check tax evasion and conversion of black money into white.
  2. Income tax raid at an Axis Bank branch in Chandni Chowk Delhi yielded Rs100 crore parked in 44 fake accounts. This is the second raid that the bank has seen in less than a week. Enforcement Directorate (ED) had earlier this week arrested two Axis Bank managers and seized gold bars weighing 3kg from them.
  3. Income tax officials seized Rs. 24 crore in new 2,000-rupee notes from a car in Vellore.
  4. After a 30 November raid on two state government engineers lead to the seizing of Rs4.7 crore in new Rs2,000 currency notes, apart from 7 kg of gold and bullion and Rs90 lakh in old demonetised currency in Bengaluru.
  5. Rs20 lakh (Rs10 lakh new notes) from Pune has been seized.
  6. A major haul of currency and gold by taxmen in the state after demonetisation, the Karnataka and Goa arm of the I-T department has stumbled upon Rs 5.7 crore in new currency kept in a ‘secret locker of bathroom’ in Hubballi As reported by TOI.
  7. The highest seizure has been from Tamil Nadu where the tax department recovered more than Rs 100 crore in cash in one single search in Chennai. The total cash seizure from Tamil Nadu has been in excess of Rs 140 crore besides gold seizure worth Rs 52 crore.
  8. a lawyer’s premises in Delhi was recently searched which led to recovery of about Rs 14 crore in cash. The same lawyer had declared unaccounted income of Rs 125 crore in October. Two weeks ago, tax officials had visited his bank and seized around Rs 19 crore in his accounts believed to be unaccounted.
  9. I-T raids on Wednesday on Bank of Maharashtra in Pune revealed that 15 lockers were acquired by one person in August at the bank’s Parvati branch. The 15 lockers yielded Rs 9.85 crore in cash – Rs 8 crore in new Rs 2,000 notes and the rest in Rs 100 notes. Related searches by I-T officials in the city yielded another Rs 94.50 lakh of which Rs 80 lakh was in new currency notes.

A group of people from Himachal Pradesh met PM Modi & lauded him for demonetisation