Wow I am impressed with the way NIT Srinagar Students behaved the whole way and see the clarity of Thoughts, truly Engineer’s way. For God Sake How can Indian Police take away National Flag from Students(But that didn’t stop students, they made flags with Paper)!! Are they Indian Police or They serve other Master. Salute to NIT Srinagar Students for their utmost respect for country and their love for Indian Flag. When HRD Minister emphatically said that National flag should furl in all Indian Central universities, i say She should start from NIT Shrinagar.


Prominent Demands from NIT Srinagar Students were :-

First they want their National Flag Back.

Shifting NIT Shrinagar Base.

Change of DSP statement where he said Student pelted stones but students strongly denied these reports.

Let them go to their Native

NIT Srinagar Students Keep Their Demands Before The MHRD Team !