We told you !! Barkha Dutt don’t like others Writing Open Letters

Yes indeed it is her and only hers domain, don’t you dare to make a entry, Mr Chetan Bhagat. How you dare to write a Open Letter especially on Subject like Kashmir,don’t you know it is her favorite one. 

This war of Open Letters started with Chetan Bhagat writing “Letter to Kashmiri youth: Even if you don’t like India, here’s why your best bet is to integrate J&K with it”

Open Letter champions, Likes of Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai didn’t like some one else writing a Open letter, as writing open letter is patented by them and they have copyrights to it. So when Chetan Bhagat wrote “Letter to Kashmiri youth: Even if you don’t like India, here’s why your best bet is to integrate J&K with it” is not acceptable at all.

So now Madam Open Letter has come up with a ultimate open letter, full of exotic words,emphasis…OMG she is great!!

Excerpts from Open Letter To Chetan Bhagat On Kashmir From Barkha Dutt

Your open letter to Kashmiri youth – we exchanged only a few brief notes on Twitter – encourages me to write one back to you.My disagreement begins with the context in which you frame your advice to them. “Something terrible is happening in the Kashmir valley,” you write, “the recent events at NIT Srinagar only brought the situation to national attention.” With respect, Chetan, after 25 years of conflict and violence, it isn’t the sun-dappled Dal, the touristy shikaras or the ski slopes of Gulmarg, but coffins, funerals and broken hearts – on all sides of the trenches – that have been the defining picture postcards from the state. That a fight inside a student campus over who cheered for India and who didn’t after a cricket match – and the subsequent police overreach, wrong as it was – should be what it takes to get the country’s mind space is part of the reason that Kashmir is in this mess.


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