Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal, who is equally famous among his fans and rather large Community of his Die-Hard haters,  is darling of social Media. Where some users always come up with something funny on him. Mind you, not a day goes by, he doesn’t give us a chance to rejoice. Such is his Fame!! No wonder He is in wrong profession, Drama should be his forte!

kejriwal as Bhahubaali - Top 10 Arvind Kejriwal-  Memes and Funny Tweets

As they say!!

Arvind Kejriwal meme - Top 10 Arvind Kejriwal-  Memes and Funny Tweets
Arvind Kejriwal meme 1 - Top 10 Arvind Kejriwal-  Memes and Funny Tweets

Top 10 All time Funny Tweets on Kejriwal


image 41 - Top 10 Arvind Kejriwal-  Memes and Funny Tweets

Keyboard of #मोदी_भक्त_केजरीवाल

— Rise Hard Hindus (@MrStark__) June 15, 2016


Degree na hone ke karan Kattapa ko maarte Bahubali Sh Arvind Kejriwal

— Kejriwal on Holidays (@TrollKejri) May 11, 2016


Friends , I got a role in Akshay Kumar Movie. Pls give your Review

— Kejriwal on Holidays (@TrollKejri) May 12, 2016


Barack Obama collecting his degrees so that he can show them to kejriwal during his visit to india #KejriwalSaySorry

— Zaid Hamid (@ZaidZamaanHamid) May 9, 2016


Building up his body to defend himself from his Fantasyland enemies sent by Modiji !#Gajni V ~2.0

— Mօɖɨʄɨɛɖ Rɛռʊ (@renu_18) July 27, 2016


#PsychoKejriwal is trending with these hilarious cartoons after He accuses @narendramodi of his probable killing!:-D

— S i D (@Tweetutva) July 27, 2016


Statement of Anti corruption crusader Sh @ArvindKejriwal on #AugustaWestland Scam

— Tajinder Pal S Bagga (@TajinderBagga) April 27, 2016


When I ask my AAPtrads friends to comment on #AugustaWestland and it was their reaction. #AugustaWestland

— Vivek Shetty (@vivekshettym) April 27, 2016


Happy #kejriwalDiwas

— Rohit Srivastava (@MrRohitvastava) March 31, 2016


“हैलो मै केजरीवाल बोल रहा फोन मत काटना पलीज”.

Me :

— Mr PerFAKEtionist (@parthology) January 7, 2016