Here are Top 10 Facts that will link Link Faizabad’s Gumnami Baba to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

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इंडिया के 10 सबसे बड़े रहस्य India’s Top 10 Secret

1.Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s family pictures found in Gumnami Baba‘s box

“The family photograph of the Bose family shows 22 members besides his parents,”


2.Gumnami Baba (many believe Baba was Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose) had a letter from former RSS chief

Gumnami Baba ( Read our Postalleged by many as Netaji in Diguise had a letter from former RSS chief MS Golwalkar

Gumnami Baba alleged by many as Netaji in Diguise had a letter from former RSS chief MS Golwalkar

3.Rolex watch, Azad Hind Fauj uniform among Gumnami Baba‘s possessions


4.Postage stamp on Netaji Bose emerge from Gumnami Baba’s belongings



5.Among other articles, which have been kept in the Faizabad district treasury, include binoculars issued by the German military dating back to World War II, British-made Empire Corona Classic portable typewriter and a vintage porcelain tea set.

6.Gumnami Baba: The unseen holy man’s chronometer watch


7.From the material on record, prima facie, it appears that #GumnamiBaba alias Bhagwanji was not an ordinary person — Allahabad High Court


8.Ghumnami babas stuffs contain Netajis plane Sitting-plan

9. One of the two judges who delivered the historic 2013 judgment regarding Gumnami Baba spoke out.



10.Gumnami baba hiding himself from nepal-to-faizabad, even changing his Place of Stay

2000 में मुखर्जी आयोग के आयुक्त को दिए गए बयान में होम्योपैथी के मशहूर चिकित्सक डॉ. पी. बनर्जी ने बताया है कि 1975 के आसपास उनका परिवार भगवन जी (गुमनामी बाबा) के संपर्क में आया, जब बाबा की सेवा करने वाली सरस्वती नाम की महिला उनकी क्लीनिक पर आईं और बाबा को बीमार बताकर अपने साथ चिकित्सक पिता डॉ. टीसी बनर्जी को लेकर गईं। पिता अयोध्या से जब वापस आए तो बड़े उत्तेजित और घबराए हुए थे। परिवार के लोगों से उन्होंने बताया कि मैं नेता जी से मिलकर आ रहा हूं। – See more at:1. Read More 2. Read More



Post Credit- Anuj Dhar-Founder-member of Mission Netaji & author India’s biggest cover-up/ नेताजी रहस्य गाथा

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