Trupti Desai is on road to become ultimate warrior for women empowerment and now with Bombay HC ruling that allows women’s entry into Haji Ali inner sanctorum, it is indeed her win.

The Bombay High Court Friday directed that women should be allowed entry into the inner sanctum of the Haji Ali Dargah at par with men. While pronouncing it’s judgment on Friday, the High Court also said that safety and security of women have to be taken care of by the state and the Dargah trust. A Bench of VM Kanade and Revati Mohite Dere said the ban on the entry of women was violative of articles 14 (Equality before law), 15 (which prohibits discrimination based on religious lines) 19 (ensures certain freedoms) and 21 ( protection of personal life and liberty).


Let us Look at old reports and her previous failed invasion and then reactions.

Previously Trupti Desai Eventually put off her bid to enter the core area of the durgah in the evening due to opposition by durgah authorities. The dargah administration had made it clear it would not allow desai inside the shrine. the matter is already being heard in court.

Politician’s Reactions-

AIMIM leader had threatened had threatened to smear black ink on her face if she tries to enter the Durgah. Samajawadi party’s women wing and all indian union muslm league has protested against desai’s bid to enter the shrine. Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan said it’s a matter related to relegion and the decision on this should be left to religious leaders.

But Tripti Desai, Now is your credibility on question, India want to see how you will go ahead. You found easy with Hindus, who with open handed welcomed you in Temples but it was expected that you would fail against your Goal in Entering Haji Ali. A precious lesson learnt in this whole episode – When someone says India became intolerant, communal they meant for Hindus. Other religion in India are beyond these definitions, No matter how many terrorists or How many dogmas they have they will always be beyond criticism. When we talk about equality on these paid Media Houses, they always forget to mention different set of Rules followed for Different religions in India.

But Tripti Desai, it is high time that you prove that you are not here for cheap publicity or you are been mastered by Some Politicos. Please Devote your Precious time for Progress of Women from Other Communities as well.

Who Is Tripti Desai

She is Bhumata Brigade president and she headed the agitation against the Shani Shingnapur temple authorities seeking the end of 400-year-old tradition of not allowing women into the sanctum sanctorum.

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