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Truth of Protests at Jamia :- Thru Tweets and Videos

I will not write anything supporting CAB but the way media organised these protests, it seems what is been alleged by many Intelectials at Twitter- might be True. It is alarming that Todays News and Media is all to set their own political Views even if it is no where near to truth and we take and believe according to our affiliations.

How can one believe these so called proteters now a days. In this world of changing News and Views Judge and Believe the news by yourself after deep scrutiny.

More and more videos show the truth of protests at Jamia. Some 30 policemen are injured, two in ICU. But how dare the police stop these ‘student protesters’ from burning buses and going on a rampage? Remember those outraging against police have not spoken a word against it.


On a Funny Note go thru this tweet and you know why we should not believe our so called old days bollywood infested intellectuals like jaddu ji.

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