prabhu 123 big 650x330 - Railway minister Suresh Prabhu saved a Girl from Being Harassed, yet again.

Suresh Prabhu Railway Minister

Mr Suresh Prabhu will be certainly known as one of the Best Central Railway Ministers, India has ever produced. He must be applauded for his supreme dedication and love for his Work , Mr Kejriwal should notice. He is ever Ready to Help anybody seeking and now, he came to rescue a girl getting Harassed in Train.

Suresh Prabhu Saves a Girl!!

A girl, who was harassed on a running train, tweeted to the railway ministry for help following which the accused was arrested, a Railway police official said in Patna on Saturday.

Happily surprised by his prompt Act ( by the timely help) , the girl thanked Railway minister Suresh Prabhu and his ministry.

This is not the first time, he has helped a girl , by sending Railway police.

This will be the second Instance  when Suresh Prabhu has rescued a girl complaining of harassment, after on Dec 8, another girl tweeted out a similar complaint from Shegaon.

The railway ministry’s Twitter handle was seen promptly responding to several people’s tweets seeking help on multiple occasions. The ministry managed to send a doctor and some milk for an 18-month-old baby who fell ill while travelling in Marudhar Express on Tuesday.