Viral News Folks, a ufo Alien udantashtari is allegedly latest seen in Kasganj, UP in India. This story has become instant buzz on WhatsApp and other social media. According to the news running viral at WhatsApp,  people watched a flying object saucer-like shape in sky in shock (in Manpur nagaria village near the district headquarters on Wednesday morning). It happened when in the village that morning rain was continuously falling. But suddenly  rain stopped. Then they looked to the sky and they were so surprised and perplexed as they allegedly witnessed a Flying object.  My advice to rumor mill, wait for some time, it may be most probably a fake one. This scoop is going to be Favorite of Alien Story Lovers but till now mostly was found fake.


And then these photos came to the knowledge of DM  Pandian Vijayendra, he was also extremely surprised. then DM sent these photos to  weather and meteorological department  to further investigate.

Source does not confirm the veracity of the picture and does not promote such claims. It may be a totally fake story but as it has become viral, we will report it.