Ultra Poor Kanhaiya of JNU travelling in Jet-Air attacked??- Height of Drama

Can you believe it, this is called Indian sickular Political Nautanki at Best. Everyone, thinking Kejriwal as expert in this domain, have to think again. This time Kanhaiya Kumar, the Darling of Indian Media Fakers choses  ,Manas Jyoti Deka (33), an employee of TCS, to put the Fake Blame.

Some Media Houses reported it as A BJP workers trying to strangulate Kanhaiya Kumar, The Hero of JNU, Still studying PHD Scholar. 



Read The True Story, How A IT Employee was turned into a Strangulation Attempter

“Kanhaiya Kumar was travelling with three other persons. He had been allotted a window seat and thus, while crossing over a passenger who was seated in the middle, he got into a fight with him. The other passenger did not even know this man was Kanhaiya Kumar and he, too, is alleging he was beaten up by the student leader,”



This is one curious case which i am trying to solve but have no answers, how could Kanhaiya Kumar,a Adult PHD student, who still survives on 3000 salary of his Mother, has enough money to Employ costly Lawyers, Carry iPhone, Travel by JetAir




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