Vijaya Dashami is the festival of victory of truth- PM Modi at Ramleela Ground, Lucknow

The Prime Minister  Narendra Modi addressed Large gathering at the Dussehra Mahotsav, Aishbagh Ramleela Ground, Lucknow. He started his speech by greeting people on Vijaya Dashami. PM Modi said he is fortunate to be a part of this ancient Ramleela.

He described Ramleela as the festival of victory of truth over falsehood; and of defeating the oppressor. He said that as we burn Ravana every year, we should all resolve to remove the ills from ourselves, our social structures and our nation.

He asked the people to resolve to end ten shortcomings within themselves, each Dussehra. He emphasized that all of us have the strength to try and end these evils, and make this nation great.


Excerpts from His speech


PM Modi described terrorism as the enemy of humanity, the Prime Minister said that Shri Ram represents the best of humanity, and is an epitome of sacrifice and dedication.
The Prime Minister said that it was Jatayu – a character in the Ramayana – who fought terrorism first. Jatayu gives us the message of fearlessness, the Prime Minister said, exhorting 125 crore Indians to be Jatayu in the face of terrorism. He said if everyone is alert, terrorists will find it very difficult to succeed.


Vijaya Dashami is the festival of victory of truth over falsehood; and of defeating the oppressor: PM Modi
Terrorism is the enemy of humanity: PM Modi
The forces of humanity across the world must now unite against terrorism: PM Modi
PM Modi urges people to defeat the Ravana existing in the form of corruption, illiteracy and poverty

Watch PM Modi’s speech at Vijaya Dashamai celebrations in Lucknow

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