Virat Kohli Vs Sachin Tendulkar is a raging debate that doesn’t seem to fade away any time soon special thanks to Indian Media, but Have no Takers but still why a Majority of Media tirelessly trying prove Viral Kohli greater than Sachin Tendulkar and this is really ridiculous considering Both Players come from Different era of Cricket.

Mind you each time  kohli will perform these Media houses, who seriously have no content left to cover as pappu is totally exposed, will bring the issue back in our fold.

Sometimes it seems as if Sachin Tendulkar is Narendra Modi and Virat Kohli is Rahul Gandhi to these Media Houses. Only difference Rahul Gandhi can never do in Politics what  Virat Kohli has done in Cricket, Rahul Gandhi simply lack that Talent.  Let us go deep in exposing their Agenda.

Sachin Tendulkar is soft spoken but Virat Kohli is a Passionate and aggressively defends what he believes in so these Media Houses believe him to be a Elitist English Speaker who is bound to gel with Elitist English speaking Media Houses.

But when Mean Machine Virat Kohli Himself says i think this raging debate must close soon–

“It is embarrassing to be honest. It is not fair on him (Tendulkar). He can’t be compared to anyone. You are talking about a batsman of a different caliber.

“I have strengthened my game whereas he was born to achieve all that he has. I have been playing well for two years while he served the nation with grace for 24 years.

“He is two levels above anyone else in this generation of batsmen. I am individually inspired by him though I would like to create my own path,” said Kohli.


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