We are forced to say “Rahul Gandhi Not Again” as he was allegedly caught sleeping during Gujarat Dalit assault Debate. Mind you the Debate is aggressively raised by Congress but their Leader was caught napping. It is indeed embarrassing. Height of Hypocrisy is that Party vice president Rahul Gandhi is set to visit the town on Thursday.

Already came Congress leader Renuka Chowdhury‘s clarification on Rahul Gandhi who says it is appearing to be dozing off in Lok Sabha but in Reality he is not.

Congress VP Rahul Gandhi caught napping in Lok Sabha again

Mahesh Sharma on Rahul Gandhi sleeping in parliament: This shows that they are not at all serious about the dalit issue & are wasting time.

Users at Twitter has started Mocking Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi giving review of Great Grand Masti.


Just when everyone thinks Rahul Gandhi will become more serious in politics, he falls right back to square one.


We I hear someone calling 46 years old Rahul Gandhi as Rahul Baba, I assume, the life expectancy of an average Indian male is 500 years



Please don’t make fun of Rahul Gandhi sleeping in the Parliament. This is his best contribution to the nation.