PM Narendra Modi address public meeting at Thrippunithura, Kerala-

Do you remember any Communist or Congress government speaking on corruption by the other? In this your future gets ruined

“When it comes to humanitarian values, dignity of human beings…India & India’s citizens are blessed with those values.

PM Sh Narendra Modi addressing a Rally in Ernakulam , a certain turning pt in Keralas History. Hv a good news for you. 6 families of Kerala and 3 TN residents who were stranded in Libya, will return home safely by tomm or day after. World is accepting the strengths of India. FDI is increasing in India. States where BJP has got an opportunity to serve those states are progressing & where Communists are there poverty, violence have risen. Take any parameter of development, wherever BJP has formed governments the states have done well. You can take any sector. Hartals, industries shutting down, farmers not being allowed to use tractors…this is what happens in Communist rule. And where there is Congress, there is so much corruption. Everything begins with corruption. In Delhi the Congress indulged in corruption in coal. Here, it is from the bright sun also that the Congress indulges in corruption. They make you believe they are 2 parties but Congress and Left are one. They have supported each other at the Centre in West Bengal.”

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