Watch PM Narendra Modi addressing @NITI Aayog’s annual lecture on Transforming India

Highlights of PM Modi’s Speech

30 years ago, a country might have been able to look inward & find its solutions. Today, countries are inter dependent & interconnected.

No country can afford any longer to develop in isolation.

Younger generation in India is thinking and aspiring so differently, that government can no longer afford to remain rooted in the past.

If India is to meet the challenge of change, mere incremental progress is not enough. A metamorphosis is needed.

The transformation of India cannot happen without a transformation of governance.

We cannot march through the twenty first century with the administrative systems of the nineteenth century.

One of the greatest reformers & administrators of our time was Lee Kuan Yew who transformed Singapore to what it is today.

It is therefore fitting that we are inaugurating this series with Shri Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore.


Shri Shanmugaratnam is one of the world’s leading intellectuals.


Watch PM Narendra Modi addresses @NITI Aayog’s annual lecture on Transforming India




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