Why HafizKiBarkha is trending at Twitter? OMG Hafiz Saeed Recognises Barkha Dutt’s work!

This is the trend users at twitter not going to miss, after all their Favorite self-claimed Anti-Nationalist Journalist is in News. A video is trending on social media in which, Terrorist Hafiz Saeed praises and Recognizes Barkha Dutt’s work and has appreciated her reporting for Kashmir in a way that has helped his line of thinking.

Even many of Social Media User in Past have felt in same way that her reporting from start has done wonders for terrorists but done little to India and Indian Army.

Final Nail in coffin when her reporting on killed Kashmiri terrorist Burhan, in which many Twitter users thought that she is glorifying that cold-blooded terrorist and has made a hero out of him.

So Reactions at twitter on this whole episode is legendary and tweets were extra pinching this time, which Barkha Dutt may remember for Long Time.


Why #HafizKiBarkha is trending at Twitter?  Watch Video Hafiz Saeed Praising Barkha Dutt

This is the reason why!

Well deserved compliments–Hafiz Saeed praises Barkha Dutt and Congress— Madhu Kishwar



Reactions at Twitter on Hafiz Saeed Praising Barkha Dutt


Arnab had a cryptic laugh at select journalists getting certificates from Hafiz Saeed





Hafiz Saeed ji praising 2 of the most devastating attacks on Indian Democracy and Security





Sagarika ji upset that Hafiz didn’t recognize her contributions to aid Pakistan 😉




 Barkha Dutt’s Response to Trend

Whatever she says ( about not being affected, but number of tweets says otherwise) but she appears tense!!



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