Film actors are praised as gods in this country. Indians can do anything and everything for their favourite stars. 

The King Khan had not come up with any charity show aiming to raise fund for flood victims of this country. The only message he left for his countrymen was a tweet. Turning up to the micro-blogging site Twitter, SRK tweeted, “As insignificant as we are against Nature’s fury, a prayer of Hope for all suffering in Uttarakhand. May Allah give them strength & safety.”

It was reported that Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan (SRK) planned for a charity event in London for Raising Funds for Pakistan Flood Relief and was going to dance on stage for a Pakistani Prime TV Channel.

The then Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray had turned up to the party’s mouthpiece – Samna slamming Shahrukh for his act. Thackeray had claimed, “…when India is paying tribute to its dead on 26/11 Mumbai attack, Shahrukh khan is going to dance on stage for a Pakistani Prime TV Channel and for few hundred pounds.”

“You were Prompt in raising funds for Pakistan Flood Victims by performing in an entertainment show”

“You were Prompt in branding India intolerant basing on a single incident”

“You will be instantly acting when someone is getting affected in some others country”

Does a unfortunate calamity in india not incite sentiments in you

where are our Tolerant Superstars(Aamir Khan,Shah Rukh Khan) now?

I am really confused,How does their Secular and sensible tolerant mind get to work?

What is the criteria that makes situation tolerant enough to get noticed by them?

Are chennai flood hurting the intolerant people?

Get well soon,so called opinionated insensitive Pretenders,we know you all.

Come out of your shell and show us that you really care about India.