Arvind kejriwal started his Political Journey as Crusader against Corruption,whole India was moved by his Honest and systematic approach towards fight against corruption.

But where is he now,Has he lost his creativity,Determination,his honesty in buildings of Power?

I believe so.

Mr Kejriwal did you forget The war that you started.

What are your opinions on National Herald Case.

Now i know what a chair of Power can do to you.

But not to worry we lost Kejiwal but we have old and gold Subramanian Swamy with us.

I am amazed and happy that Subramanian Swamy has fought so hard against corrupt politicians and his charges are never any false accusations.

If he says,believe that he has something.Perfect Finishing Touche!

Some of The Tweets on Silent Kejriwal.

Court has summoned Sonia gandhi and rahul gandhi as ACCUSED in National Herald case. Dear @arvindkejriwal net pack khatam Ho Gaya Kya?

Kejriwal’s pin drop silence on #NationalHerald is as loud as 20 KT nuclear bomb explosion.

even pin will say I’ll sound more than @ArvindKejriwal just at thought of dropping, no need to actually drop 🙂

India’s most powerful family to appear in court for corruption. India’s foremost anti-corruption crusader Kejriwal silent. #NationalHerald

Dear @ashutosh83B and all other friends in @AamAadmiParty Itna Sannata Kyon Hai Bhai?? #KrantikariSannata #NationalHerald