UP state under the Akhilesh Yadav is increasingly becoming a heaven for goons, thugs like One Mr Ram briksh Yadav who was a Leader of Mental Cult and responsible for Mathura violence which claimed At least 24 people, including City SP and an SHO. 

Who Was Ram briksh Yadav

Mr Ram briksh Yadav was self style guru and leader of semi religious cult Azad Bharat Vidhik Vaicharik Kranti Satyagrahi, a lawless outfit who swore their allegiance to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, and Ajad Hind Sena.(One wonders How can it be possible, as there are no similarity).

For over 2 years this so called cult group, Azad Bharat Vidhik Vaicharik Kranti Satyagrahi(Break away Group from Jai Gurudev’s Group) was allowed to grow in strength building and training private armies in Mathura.

It’s all started in year 2014, two years after the death of Baba Jai Gurudev, Ring leader of a semi religious cult which may had sounded a bit Naxal like. Then comes the shishya of Gurudev,  Ram Vriksh Yadav who decided  Mathura as his battleground under SP regime in disguise of Azad Bharat Vidhik Vaicharik Kranti Satyagrah along with hundred of his followers from Madhya Pradesh. At first they wanted a Place for 2 days to stay and hold a dharna  at Jawahar Bagh.

But From two days it became 2-3 years, whilst him getting A government Pension, many of cult followers had ration cards allotted to them, Still state government says they had no clue.

Ram Briksh Yadav with Full authority (God knows who gave him that) had declared  Jawahar Bagh, a “free nation” where he organised several Arm training for his Disciples.

Who ever tried to enter the park, they  forced them to sign on a printed document declaring they were “nationals of Jawahar Bagh” and followers of Azad Hind Fauj.

And what were His demands– For 1Rs-4o Litre Petrol Disel, No more elections for Prime Minister or President

Ram Briksh Yadav – Mastermind of Mathura Violence- reportedly killed.