We want to share a Viral Interview Video of Late Tamilnadu CM Jayalalithaa in which she has talked about various aspects of which were never shared anywhere. She jokingly talked about her two Great Crush- One is Late India batsman Nari Contractor and other is Shammi Kapoor.

Watch Chief Minister of Tamilnadu – Selvi.J.Jayalalitha (Amma) Singing hindi song in an Interview with Simi Grewal

She talks about her crushes. She admitted Shammi Kapoor being her biggest crush ever.

Jayalalithaa Jayaram was an Indian actor and politician who served five terms as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, for over fourteen years between 1991 and 2016.

Simi Grewal’s Words on Late Tamilnadu CM Jayalalithaa

I had never met Jayalalithaa before. Many people “warned” me about her, that she was temperamental, imperious and difficult, so I went to Chennai with some trepidation!

She was punctual to the second. When the cameras rolled she took a minute or two to ‘assess’ me; and then she dropped her guard. Within 10 minutes we were both singing ‘Aaja
Sanam’ together!

Jaya-ji speaks with amazing clarity. There was no fumbling or searching for words. She never evaded any question. And after the interview she laid out a superb tea for my entire crew. We all came away with the highest admiration for her.

People have tried to analyse Jayalalithaa as a politician; I felt it was more important to try and understand her first as a human-being. I think I succeeded in that. If you see the interview you’ll know..

The day the interview was aired Jaya-ji called and said the feedback she received was amazing! I also received calls from leading politicians and every leading newspaper editor in the country and they all said the same thing:
” We never knew she was like this…we have judged her wrongly…we saw a side to her we never knew existed!”..




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