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Why is Arvind Kejriwal Mad about Modi?

Why is Arvind Kejriwal Mad about Modi? Recently i came across the question ” Is Arvind Kejriwal mad about Modi? ” at Quora and thought of Answering it, but then thought of reading all existing Answers. I was really amazed at the clarity and logical reasoning behind those answers.

Is Arvind Kejriwal Mad about PM Narendra Modi?

Answer by Rajagopalan K Suryanarayan

If we study the history of Arvind Kejriwall over the last four years you will get the answer.

Kejriwall is not at all mad about Modi. He is least bothered about Modi. But he is more bothered about the chair of Modi. Beffore 2014 he was attacking Congress, MMS and Rahul when Congress was ruling. Once the election process started, it became clear that BJP is sure to win, he changed his stance, started attacking Modi.

Arvind Kejriwall very well know his limitations. He first thought because of his educational background, he will be accepted by the people. He expected Modi to fail in his attempt because of his poor educational background and because he is from a poor lower middle class level. Unfortunately Modi’s exemplary performance has staggered him.

Arvind Kejriwall thought after one year Modi’s popularity will start diminishing. He thought he will not be able to meet the people’s expectation. However all the surveys done so far places Modi’s popularity above 50%. Whereas his own popularity which was staggering 65% and above has reached nadir. Most of Delhites are rejecting him.

Added to all these Modi government do not have a single corruption cases. He had to sack his three ministers for graft, sex and other crimes. Many MLAs are also charged in graft and other crimes. His own personal secretary is charged with graft. This is too much for him. Naturally he is enraged and mad about Modi.

Arvind who won the election in Delhi, on the precept of providing clean government and a government that performs, has bellied all expectations. People are talking lightly of him and are not serious towards him. He thought by taking up the cause of Una affected person, Kanniah Kumar or Kashmir or the recent suicide of ex-army personnel, he can come to lime light. Unfortunately he has lost track of Indian Political situation which warrants attack on policies and programmes not on persons. Previously it has failed and will fail in the future also.

Because of his failure to attract the attention of the people towards him, his inability to provide effective leadership against BJP and bracketing him with Rahul by his detractors has made him mad about Modi.




The reality check of the fact that Arwind Kejriwal is mad about Modi is pretty clear to one and all. YES, DEFINITELY he is mad about Modi and guess what he might even be in love with him (love broils a bit of enmity and hatred)!!

Jokes apart, the long and short of it is that he isn’t mad about Modi but for the popularity that Modiji commands. Arwind Kejriwal thinks that he can hit the storm’s eye and turn into India’s Prime Minister overnight (being overconfident, given his new born party gained catalysed popularity pretty fast!).

Of late he has relinquished allll his duties as a CM and is solely focusing on trolling Modiji on social platforms. But it would be to no avail, given the aura of Modiji overshadows all minions of politics.

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